free stitch Meetup Events

At free stitch, we plan regular Meetup events around Japan as part of promoting the joys of living with dogs. 

As part of our collection of charity activities, free stitch holds Meetup events each season to promote awareness of volunteer work and foster home projects for pets without a home.

Through our regular information seminars, charity photoshoots and fundraising activities, we hope to change the future for the better for unwanted and abandoned pets in Japan and around the world. We feel that our Meetup events are the perfect platform to help bring people and pets closer together. 

In 2020, we held a successful Meetup events for a variety of dog breeds all while observing strict COVID-19 safety protocols.

Some of the Meetup events we held were for the following breeds: 

Moving forward, we are planning more Meetup events for more breeds!

We have already opened reservations for our Spring/Summer 2021 and Autumn/Winter 2021 Meetup events!

We are always on the lookout to hold more events for a wider variety of breeds of dog. Our aim is to engage as many people who live together with dogs as possible so they can enjoy the best of what our events have to offer.  

When planning a Meetup event, we carefully select dog breeds and themes based on country of origin, coat color, grouping, etc. so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the events and meet with others who share their passion for dogs. 

If we receive enough applications to hold a Meetup event for a particular breed or grouping of dog, we will create the event!

For more information on the types of Meetup events we hold and the latest information, please visit the free stitch company webpage. 

We look forward to seeing you at a free stitch Meetup in the future!