Mosquito-Shielding Camo Tank Top

  • A lightweight, elasticated camouflage tank top featuring mosquito-shielding technology
  • The tightly woven mesh material protects your dog from mosquitos 
  • A reflective strip along the back provides night-time visibility 

  • Khaki
  Neck Chest Body Length Recommended Dog Weight Product Weight
SS 20cm 31cm 20cm ~2kg 25g
S 23cm 35cm 23cm ~3kg 30g
M 26cm 40cm 27cm ~4.5kg 40g
L 30cm 45cm 31cm ~6kg 45g
LL 34cm 50cm 35cm ~8kg 55g
3L 38cm 55cm 42cm ~11kg 70g
4L 42cm 60cm 47cm   75g
5L 46cm 68cm 52cm   90g
  • 100% polyester
Country of Origin
  • Japan
Points to Note
  •  None