Stylish Safety Gate Tall

¥15,000 ¥16,000
● A tall type, stylish and adjustable safety gate that is ideal for protecting your pets.
● Features a squeeze and lift opening mechanism that is both secure and easy to operate. ● The gate also closes unassisted for maximum convenience.
● The product features adjustable screw pads for a four point pressure fit for variety of wall and door widths. The pads will not damage or mark the wall making it ideal for rented acommodation.
● Extension parts available (sold separately) for a wider variety of spaces.
● The gap between gate bars is approximately 44-61mm.
We ask that customers confirm the gate is suitable for their dog prior to purchase as puppies or smaller breeds may be able to slip through the gaps. We recommend placing cardboard or free stitch side sheets over the gap.
● Please see the sticker attached to the lower part of the gate for the product lot number and safety standards information.
● The gate can be opened and closed up to about 90 degrees both out and in. We ask that customers take care of injury when opening and closing the gate.

Color Black・White
Size Body (W750〜820mm×H1100mm) Weight 5700g
Additional parts・Extension single (W70mm×H1100mm) Weight 420g
Additional parts・Extension double (W140mm×H1100mm) Weight 840g
Additional parts・Extension triple (W210mm×H1100mm) Weight 1560g
Material Iron, resin
Country of origin China
Accessories ・ Body: Adjuster knob x 4, Adjuster bolt x 4, Wall cap x 4, Double-sided tape x 4, Wood screw x 4, Wall anchor x 4, Wrench x 1 ・ Extension single: Extension pole x 1, Extension upper housing x 1, Extension lower housing x 1 ・ Extension double ・ Triple: Socket x 1, Joint tube x 2
Remarks ・Gate installation width
Body only 750-820mm
Add one extension 820-890mm (Single x1)
Add two extensions 890-960mm (Double × 1) or (Single × 2)
3 extensions 960-1030mm (Triple x1) or (Single x1, Double x1)
4 extensions 1030-1100mm (Double × 2) or (Single × 1 ・ Triple 1)
5 extensions 1100-1170mm (Triple x 1, Double x 1)
6 extensions 1170-1240mm (triple x 2)