Multipurpose Artificial Turf Mat


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● A soft and spongy artificial turf mat that provides luxury comfort your dog
It has the look and feel of real grass and can be used for a variety of purposes in the home - as a lunch mat or assisting in toilet training together with the free stitch toilet tray (sold separately)
● Washable for easy care

Color Green
Product Dimensions 

(Width × Depth × Height in cm)

W60cm × D50cm × H35mm - Weight 1.2kg
W75cm × D60cm × H35mm - Weight 1.8kg
W80cm × D110cm × H35mm - Weight 3.45kg
W80cm × D150cm × H35mm - Weight 4.7kg
Material 100% polyester
Country of Origin Japan
Points to Note
  • There may be trace odors of the product material after opening, so we recommend light washing before use.

  • Please note that sometimes small amounts of the base fibers or green 'grass' of the cut surface may come off. This is completely normal and part of the product adjustment.