All Round Care Spray for Dogs

Dogs these days can get themselves into all sorts of sticky situations, so it has never been a better time to take care of their health. 

To help you take the best care of and look out for your dog’s welfare, free stitch has launched the All-round Care Spray for Dogs

This unique and convenient spray can be used for everything from spraying directly on your dog to cleaning pet supplies. 

Made with natural plant extracts and carefully distilled water, the spray is gentle and safe - it can even be licked by your dog as it does not contain any chemically synthesized ingredients.  

The product kindly moisturizes and deodorizes your dog's skin and coat keeping them clean and healthy all year round. 

Not forgetting our feline friends, the All-round Care Spray for Cats is also available! 

The All-round Care Spray for Dogs and the All-round Care Spray for Cats is available on the free stitch International Store now.