Announcing the 2nd Dog-friendly Office Day!

In the spirit of ‘Enriching the Workplace with Your Dog’ at free stitch, launched the Dog-friendly Office Project in the hope that creating a comfortable working environment for staff members who work while keeping pets not only improves the quality of their work but also improves the quality of life of the pets.

The other day, we held our first Dog-friendly Office Day of 2022! The event was so popular that we decided to hold our 2nd Dog-friendly Office Day on June 8th, 2022 at the free stitch showroom

As the event is continuing to gather interest from many participants, we will be splitting the event into morning and afternoon sessions. 

▼ Morning Session (10:00 ~ 13:00)

Our morning session will be aimed at business owners who are considering incorporating a Dog-friendly Office system into their company. 

If you are considering setting up a dog-friendly office but are unsure where to start or don’t have a lot of experience with animals or pets, please feel free to join us.

On the day of the event, we will be explaining what the Dog-friendly Office Project is, giving an opportunity for participants to tour the free stitch office, and giving some advice on each business developing the kind of dog-friendly office they wish to create*.  

*Please note that all our seminars and tour will be conducted in Japanese. 

If you would like to participate in the morning session, please apply using this form (Japanese language only)

Please note that because places are limited, we can only accommodate a certain number of participants to attend on the day. Participants will be selected by free stitch from the list of applicants. If you are successful in being selected, we will contact you by email. 

▼ Afternoon Session (14:00 ~ 17:00)

The afternoon session will open the free stitch office to participants as a shared office for one day, so please bring your dog and work alongside us. We welcome participants who wish to work with their PC or have an online meeting, etc. 

This is an ideal opportunity to observe your dog in a new environment or to see how they react to you working outside of your home. Our Dog-friendly Office staff will also be present in the office open the day so this is a good chance to ask for any advice if you feel unsure about how to handle your dog in a place of business. 

If you are considering asking your company to adopt a Dog-friendly Office system, you may be able to use this experience as a trial to encourage them to consider starting it! Naturally, we also welcome those who just wish to experience the atmosphere of the event as well. 

If you are interested in participating in the afternoon session, please apply using this form (Japanese language only). 

Please note that because places are limited to between 3 to 6 people, participants will be selected by free stitch from the list of applicants. If you are successful in being selected, we will contact you by email. 

We hope that the number of dog-friendly offices will continue to increase in Japan and around the world!

If you would like to suggest any ideas or provide feedback on the ‘Dog-friendly Office Day’, please click here (Japanese language only)

Check out the Dog-Friendly Office Project SNS!