Comfortable Rucksack

free stitch is excited to announce the launch of our first rucksack pet carrier - the Comfortable Rucksack

Our first foray into physical body carriers and an extension of our popular carry bag range, this ergonomically designed rucksack promises ease of travel and convenience for you and your pet. Available in 100% ballistic nylon stylish black, the rucksack offers ample space for your pet to relax when travelling and plentiful ventilation provided by the mesh top and sides that can be zipped closed with a sunblock blackout flap, allowing your dog peace and quiet during a busy commute. 

The rucksack features five points along the support straps and belts that can adjusted to fit your desired level of comfort and portability while travelling or commuting. The rucksack can be worn on the back, front, or a single shoulder using the included shoulder strap, or the handhold can be used as carry-on luggage. In addition to the travel compartment for your dog, the rucksack also boasts plenty of storage space for water bottles, snacks, toilet sheets, and other daily items to ensure that your dog is never without their necessities.   

We hope that our customers can enjoy using the new backpack to carry their pets wherever they go with ease.

The Comfortable Rucksack is available in black and in two sizes, S and L, on the free stitch international store now.