free stitch Volunteer Support Activities

free stitch provides our original pet food free of charge to both foster parents and temporary care volunteers who adopt pets without a home. 

In a continuous effort to promote the welfare of dogs and cats who are abandoned, need homes, or are mistreated in Japan, we are looking for ways to support and raise awareness of volunteers who can help improve the lives of those less fortunate.

We hope that we can forge a better relationship between humans and pets with care and love through volunteer work. 

Application Conditions

free stitch provides pet food to Japan-based volunteers who provide temporary accommodation and shelter for dogs who are waiting to be adopted by a new foster family.  

We offer free stitch Original Food For Dog and free stitch Original Food For Cat for each dog or cat in a temporary shelter and foster home. 

If you would like to learn more about this scheme and are based in Japan, please visit the free stitch company webpage for more information on how to apply. (Japanese only) 

*Foster parent and volunteer support activities are funded by donations from each charity activity. Please note that we may temporarily suspend activities due to funding.

*The type of food and the bag size will be selected by free stitch staff dependent on the animal size and available stock.

*Please note that free stitch Original Food For Dog and For Cat is available for domestic purchase in Japan only at this time due to overseas customs restrictions.