Piled Cotton Sanitary Wear

Recently, many dogs stay indoors with their owners due to lifestyle changes caused by the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. It has become harder to go out for a walk or get exercise outdoors with our pets, so for those dogs who are not used to being inside all the time, toilet-related accidents might happen. 

Additionally, with the increase in the number of companies accepting dogs into the workplace and the rising popularity of the Dog-Friendly Office Project, it has become more important to make sure we maintain good standards of hygiene indoors while taking care of our pets’ toilet needs. 

free stitch offers a clean and hygienic solution for indoor life in the form of the Piled Cotton Manner Band and the Piled Cotton Sanitary Pants

Ideal for both male and female dogs alike, our sanitary wear is made with piled organic cotton and is soft to the touch. They can be fitted snugly around your dog’s waist using velcro straps and feature a waterproof pad sewn into the seat for the pants and around the lower waist for the band to help protect against any accidents that might happen. 

Both the sanitary pants and the manner band can also be worn together with regular off-the-shelf pet diapers for a more stylish finish. Designed to be adjustable, the elasticated waist portions move and stretch making it easy for your dog to get used to wearing. 

The sanitary pants are also ideal for dogs who are in-season/in-heat.  

Enjoy a worry-free indoor life with your pet with the free stitch Piled Cotton Sanitary Wear collection!

    The Piled Cotton Manner Band and Piled Cotton Sanitary Pants are available on the free stitch International Store now.