Stylish Playpen Handy Storage Pocket

Sometimes that all-important toilet sheet is just out of reach, or you wish you could have a hairbrush to hand to smooth out your dog’s stray shedding hairs - introducing the free stitch
Handy Storage Pocket for the Stylish Playpen Series!

Now available to purchase on the free stitch International store, the free stitch Handy Storage Pocket does exactly what it says on the tin - be handy! From brushes to disinfectant sprays, (even toilet rolls, and toys!), the pocket can hold a variety of essential items for your dog to stay clean, happy, and healthy.   

The pocket is designed to be attached to the side of any playpen using durable and strong press-studs, so it remains secure on the side without being knocked off by an excitable puppy. It can also be used with the Stylish Safety Gate and Stylish Safety Gate Tall!  

Available in both cotton canvas and tarpaulin types, and white and black color tones, the storage pocket can match with any interior and any playpen, keeping that simple and stylish look. 

Keep your dog playful and happy inside their playpen with the free stitch Handy Storage Pocket.