The Band Collar Shirt

Band Collar Shirt from free stitch embraces a perfect blend of natural and soothing colours with 100% organic cotton.  

Early summer is when many dogs shed their winter coat in preparation for warmer weather so some dogs might need extra clothing to keep themselves warm in an air-conditioned room, or simply require something to stop excess hair rubbing off on furniture or fabrics. The band collar shirt is an excellent choice as it is both lightweight and airy without sacrificing insulation. The cotton fabric moves gently in the breeze allowing air to circulate around your dog’s body so they can stay comfortable when outside running in a park or going for their daily walk. 

The shirt features a button-down chest design for fashion, however, as with many free stitch clothing products, we have included a velcro chest fastener to allow ease of wear. The elasticated cuffs and sides ensure that the upper part of the shirt stays fitted to your dog without the worry of accidentally slipping off during play or when sleeping. 

The Band Collar Shirt is an all-around fashionable and functional shirt that will be the ideal companion for your dog when the hot days roll in. 

Available in white and blue, and in sizes S to LL, the Band Collar Shirt is available on the free stitch International Store now.