The Coolmax Knit Seersucker Shirt

Staying cool has become an essential part of getting through the heat of the summer and what better way to keep cool while looking cool than with the free stitch Coolmax Knit Seersucker Shirt

Tailored with a modern spin on the classic button-down collar shirt, fashion and function meet to provide a stylish and elegant appearance for your dog. 

The ultra-thin, baby blue seersucker stripe accentuates the feeling of refreshing coolness in the peak of summer. Made from a blend of cotton and polyester, the shirt remains light and airy,  while the loose cuffs and waist allow for gently blowing in the breeze on your dog’s body to allow air circulation throughout the fabric. 

In keeping with the dapper appearance of its human counterpart shirt, the chest features three buttons with a functional back pocket, allowing flexible coordination with both the owner’s clothing and a range of modern interiors. 

Whether it is looking great about the town or keeping up appearances on a country walk, the Coolmax Knit Seersucker Shirt is a must-have item. 

Available on the free stitch international store now.