The Duffel Coat

The weather continues to change around the world with the seasons. While some parts of the world are moving into the summer months, others are welcoming the arrival of the autumn months. Regardless of the seasonal changes, your dog may continue to look forward to their daily walk or outdoor play, so keeping them clothed and prepared to face the elements head-on can present a variety of challenges.
The Duffel Coat from free stitch can be the ideal companion for braving the challenges (and enjoyment) that come with the fall season. 

Rolling around in leaves or running around in a wet park may seem like great fun to your dog, but keeping their fur clean and fresh when coming back home might not be as enjoyable for you! The Duffel Coat meets fashion and function by providing nearly full-torso protection so your dog doesn’t need to sacrifice any of their favourite autumn activities. 

Originally made in the town of Duffel in Belgium, the duffel coat was renowned for its durable wool fabric that could withstand various adverse weather conditions, including high winds and rain - it has now become a staple of British and European fashion. We have engineered our coat to bring the best of this functionality to our exclusive line of dog wear products.  

Made in the classic design style, the coat comes with a reversible collar, double loop toggle back design, and velcro chest for ease of wear. To add to the timeless design of the duffel coat, we have added a tartan chequered lining to bring that extra level of sophistication and style to the product.  

The coat has elastic sides and cuffs to ensure it sits snugly on your dog keeping them warm and protected as the weather gets colder.  

Enjoy autumn play in style with the Duffel Coat from free stitch. 

The Duffel Coat is available in navy and beige colour schemes and sizes S to LL on the free stitch International Store now.