free stitch 2021 Autumn / Winter Meetup Festival

As the seasons begin to change and the weather becomes cooler, we will start our Autumn / Winter 2021 Meetup Festivals for the following breeds:


Please note: schedules and venues are subject to change 

Every year free stitch holds special Meetup events for a variety of dog breeds where owners and dogs can enjoy a wide range of activities ranging from agility competitions to raffles and tombolas.

We also offer training and obedience sessions conducted by our regular specialist trainers from Japan who have years of experience in giving advice on a wide range of breeds.

Held in carefully selected outdoor locations, owners, dogs, and their families can enjoy a full day of fresh air communication and play while taking in some of the beautiful Japanese nature sights.

In addition to the sessions and activities throughout the day, we regularly invite businesses within the pet industry to hold stalls on the day of our events. 

Proceeds collected from entrance fees will be used to fund charity activities and promoting awareness surrounding ongoing issues within the Japanese pet industry. The more funds we raise, the bigger the difference we can make.

Please click here for a movie of our past events.

For more information about free stitch Meetup Events, please visit our Facebook and Instagram pages.