The free stitch Original Stylish Dog Playpen Selection

Stylish Dog Playpen Selection These days remote work is becoming more and more of a necessity, so many people are spending more time than before with their dogs. While we all agree that spending more time with our precious pup or best friend can be wonderful, we know that sometimes we need a little time to get things done around the home or in our new home offices. 

Whether you want to concentrate on work, spend some time in the kitchen or do housekeeping, a dog playpen can be very useful. 

Free stitch would like to take this opportunity to introduce our range of original dog playpens, gates and peripherals from our Stylish Dog Selection

The free stitch Stylish selection features a variety of useful home products that can keep your dog entertained and happy. All of our products are manufactured to EU Safety Standards and can be relied upon to keep your pets safe. 

Our range includes: 

  • The free stitch Stylish Playpen 
  • The free stitch Stylish Safety Gate 
  • The free stitch Stylish Safety Gate Tall  
  • The free stitch Stylish Add-on Fence Panel

  • Our gates feature easy-close technology ensuring the gate will close behind you even if you forget, so no accidental escapes out (or even in)!   

    So, work and relax comfortably in the knowledge that your dog is safe with our Stylish Dog interior range!

    For more information on our Stylish Dog Selection, please visit the free stitch homepage