The Micro-fleece Body Warmer

Boa micro-fleece has been used as a staple material for insulating the body in cold weather for many years. The close and soft-napped synthetic wool is ideal for retaining body heat, is quick-drying, and is generally hypoallergenic, making it a popular choice for pet wear in the cold seasons.  

At free stitch this season, we have adapted our ever-popular Micro-fleece Tank Top into a convenient and easy-to-wear product in the form of the Micro-fleece Body Warmer

Unlike its cousin in our micro-fleece lineup, the body warmer features a velcro chest to allow dogs to slip in and out of the product with minimum fuss - ideal for sudden cold snaps or a chill breeze while out on a walk. With the seasons changing and temperatures fluctuating hourly, the Micro-fleece Body Warmer is great to have as a backup item, especially for smaller toy breeds, short-haired, or elderly dogs who might feel the cold more than others. 

The design of the body warmer also features two-tone colors on the upper and lower parts of the back, trim, and hem, plus a back pocket design to add that extra sense of organic style. Naturally, we have added the elasticated sides to the product to ensure that it sits well on your dog and keeps that all-important warmth exactly where it needs to be. 

If convenience, insulation, flexibility, and style combined with no-fuss wear are what you are looking for, then the Micro-fleece Body Warmer is sure to meet your needs.

Available in sizes S to 3L and in colors white and navy on the free stitch International Store now.