What Things Are Important to Think About When Leaving Your Pet in the Care of Others?

Since the Dog-friendly Office Project started back in September 2019, we have continued to receive a great deal of valuable feedback from pet owners who have opinions about the effectiveness of the project and recommendations on what points could be improved. 

We have prepared another questionnaire for those who are interested in the Dog-friendly Office Project. 

The topic of this questionnaire is ‘What Things Are Important to Think About When Leaving Your Pet in the Care of Others?’. Because the Dog-friendly Office Project encourages employees to come to the office with their pets, it is sometimes necessary to leave them in the care of others when you need to leave your desk, the room, or sometimes even the building for any period of time. 

We would like to get our customers’ feedback on what they consider and pay attention when releasing their pet to another of member of staff to take care of, or when they leave their pet in the care of a professional caregiver, such as a pet hotel / boarding kennel, or veterinarian. With the feedback we gather, we hope to create and apply additional systems to help keep pets calm and relaxed while their owners are away from the office. 

We will also be offering a free gift* to those who answer the questionnaire on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please remember to enter your e-mail address when you fill out the survey - we can only send free gifts to those who enter a valid contact email address.

*Please note the number of free gifts are limited and are subject to stock availability.

Please access the questionnaire here.* 

*At present, our questionnaire is only available in Japanese so we kindly request our readers use an online browser translator. We welcome answers to the questionnaire in English. 

We look forward to receiving your valuable feedback! 

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