Dual-layered Stainless Steel Dog Bowl



  • A dual-layered food bowl made with rust-resistant SUS304 (18-8) stainless steel and finished with a lightweight structure, making it easy to maintain.
  • The base is non-slip to allow ease of use.
  • Available in a range of colours to coordinate with a variety of playpens, toilet trays, and interior styles.
  • Available in sizes S to L.
  • White・Black
  • S: Diameter 14cm × Height 5.5cm
  • M: Diameter 18.2cm × Height 7.2cm
  • L: Diameter 20.4cm × Height 9cm
  • Stainless steel SUS304
Country of Origin
  • China
Points to Notes
  • This product is to be used as a pet bowl. Please refrain from using the product outside of its intended purpose.
  • Please do not use the product in microwaves, ovens, on gas stoves, open flames, or at high temperatures.
  • This product is not classified as dishwasher-safe.
  • Strong shocks and sudden temperature changes may cause cracks, chips, or damage to the product. If the product is cracked, chipped, or damaged, please stop use immediately for safety reasons.
  • Contact with salt, acidic materials, and metals, such as iron and aluminium, may damage the product.
  • When cleaning, please avoid using metal scrubbers or cleaners to prevent scratches. Please use a soft cloth or sponge to clean the product.
  • After use, remove dirt quickly with a pet dishwashing detergent or neutral detergent and rinse with water. Wipe dry thoroughly before storing the product.