Toilet Tray



  • A pet toilet tray machine-finished from clear acrylic
  • Made in Japan, the product has been renewed and carefully finished to take advantage of the beauty of the material
  • The transparent material coordinates well with any interior
  • The inner consists of two overlapping L-shaped frames with strong rare earth magnets to hold the toilet sheet firmly in place
  • The bottom of the tray features a non-slip surface, and the body frame is made of a heavy material to prevent toilet sheets from sliding out of place
  • The product can be quickly washed even if soiled, so it can always be clean and ready for use
  • Transparent body & translucent white inner frame / Transparent body & translucent black inner frame
Size Size
  Length Width Height Base Height Product Weight
S 49cm 38cm 1.4cm




M 64cm 49cm 1.4cm 8mm



  • Body: 100% acrylic
  • Inner Border Base: rare earth neodymium magnets
Country of Origin
  • Japan
Points to Notes
  • There may be very faint lines or marks marked on the tapered corners of the toilet tray.
  • Please do not clean this product with alcohol. Due to the nature of the material, the acrylic may develop minute cracks if alcohol wipes or cleaning products containing alcohol are used. Cleaning the product using water or an alcohol-free neutral detergent is recommended.
  • It is recommended to keep magnets away from persons with fitted electronic medical devices, such as pacemakers.
  • Please keep magnets away from magnetic recording media devices electronic equipment, etc.
  • Do not lick or swallow the magnet, or drink any liquid that has come into contact with the magnet. If swallowed, consult a licensed physician immediately.
  • Do not place magnets directly within reach of pets or children.
  • Do not touch the magnet if you are allergic to metal.
  • To prevent incidents or accidents, please refrain from using the product if the magnet or laminated seal attached to the acrylic body appears loose or is not affixed firmly. Before resuming use, please fix the magnet securely in place and apply an additional laminated seal.
  • When using this product with a pet that has a habit of biting or misbehaving, it is recommended to carefully observe the pet at the beginning of use. 
  • The magnet in this product is protected by a waterproof seal to prevent rust. If the seal is removed or peels during use, rust may occur. Please handle with care.
  • The product may have slight lines or round marks on the engraved parts of the body caused by the manufacturing process; however, this does not indicate a defect.