All-round Antibacterial Pod for Pets

  • A safe and effective stationary sterilization pod for use in the home
  • Effectively counteracts odors and the spread of germs
  • Neutralizes viruses, bacteria, and mold while safeguarding against common allergens, such as pollen, mites, and house dust for up to 90 days
  • For deodorizing and disinfecting pet cages, toys, and toilet areas
  • For deodorizing and sterilizing cars, and areas where pets live with children and the elderly
  • Synthetic fragrance-free, bleach-free, and non-corrosive
Size Size
  • 200ml
  • Chlorine dioxide, purified water, gelling agent
Period of Use
  • 90 days (12 m) ²・ 8 tatami mats)
Directions for Use
  1. Remove the cap and slowly peel off the safety film
  2. Add the attached powder and gently shake the pod several times to mix the solution into a gel
  3. Place the pod on a level surface to begin use
    Country of Origin
    • Japan
    Points to Note
    • Disclaimer: Please note that this product may be subject to customs duties and inspections
      in the country of destination. Free stitch cannot be held responsible for any seizures or
      confiscations that may occur as a result of customs restrictions. We advise checking any
      customs restrictions in the destination country prior to purchase
    • Please use on a flat surface
    • Do not mix with other products or replacement containers
    • Keep out of reach of pets and children
    • This product cannot be eaten
    • If the product comes into contact with clothes, wash with water or wipe down immediately
    • Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight
    • Please use immediately after opening