All-round Care Spray for Cats

  • An all-in-one hygiene spray for use in a wide variety of situations, from caring for your cat to cleaning pet products
  • Made with natural plant extracts and additive-free purified water that is safe even if ingested by cats
  • Moisturizes, sanitizes and deodorizes your cat's skin and coat keeping them healthy and clean 
  • For use in cleaning pet products and indoor areas 
  • Conforms to drinking water standards
  • No chemically synthesized substances are used
Size Size Size
  • 300ml
  • 108 kinds of natural plant extracts, 52 kinds of plant enzymes, deciduous beech leaf extracts,
    dextrins, polyphenols, catechins, amino acids, various vitamins, various plant-absorbing minerals
Directions for Use
  1. Spray directly onto the body and massage gently into the fur
  2. Wipe down the body with a towel and brush down the coat
  3. Wipe the ears, eyes, and mouth area with a small amount of spray on a cotton swab or tissue
  • The spray can be used around toilet areas, in a playpen, after play, in and around the home, or
    on car upholstry
Country of Origin
  • Japan
Points to Note
  • Disclaimer:  Please note that this product may be subject to customs duties
    and inspections in the country of destination.
    Free stitch cannot be held responsible for any seizures or confiscations that
    may occur as a result of customs restrictions. We advise checking any customs
    restrictions in the destination country prior to purchase
  • If discomfort or irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately
  • Keep out of reach of pets and children
  • Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight
  • Please use immediately after opening