Balcordy Carry with Blind Cover

  • An updated version of the semi-free-standing balcordy tote carry bag with a new high-strength top flap finished with a discreet sheen
  • The addition of the new top flap allows the bag to be fully closed to create a comfort barrier between your dog and the outside world - this can be useful for nervous dogs when travelling in public or crowded places
  • The top flap can be rolled up and stored in an outer pocket
  • The inner is wipe-down, anti-bacterial, and anti-odor to keep the inside hygienic and clean

  • Black 

Product Dimensions (cm)

Recommended Dog Weight (kg) Product Weight (kg)
S W35 x H27 x D17 ~ 3kg 700g
M W40 x H29 x D20 ~ 6kg 800g
L W45 x H33 x D23 ~ 9kg 1000g
LL W53 x H38 x D26 ~ 12kg 1.2kg
  • 100% nylon
Country of Origin
  • Japan