Rectangle Playpen Mat


● A waterproof and fire-resistant playpen base mat that prevents damage to flooring from scratching or soiling
● Fits perfectly in the bottom of the free stitch stylish playpen (sold separately)
● Features a non-slip finish and is washable for daily use

Color Black・White・Clear

Product Dimensions (Width × Depth × Height in cm)

  • S: approximately W80cm×D80cm×H1mm
  • M: approximately W117cm×D80cm×H1mm
  • L: approximately W150cm×D80cm×H1mm
  • Black & White: 100% polyester
  • Clear: 100% vinyl chloride
Country of Origin Japan
Points to Note
● If the product is too large, please cut to size

● Care method: Washable. We recommended washing before first use as there may be trace odors of plastic

● Please note there may be slight wrinkles upon first unboxing, however this is common and there is no problem with the quality of the product [About PVC]

● Due to the characteristics of the material, expansion and contraction of up to about 3% may occur depending on the temperature of the environment. Please note that it is manufactured with potential shrinkage in mind
● Depending on the environment, the surface may become sticky or the resin coating may stick slightly to flooring, depending on the compatibility. This is natural part of the unavoidable aging of the product due to the elution of the plasticizer contained in the material