Playpen Side Wall Sheet

  • A clear PVC plastic sheet for use exclusively for use in the free stitch Stylish Playpen
  • Can be applied to the side of the playpen to protect against any accidents or spillage making it perfect for puppies and young dogs 
  • Easy-to-maintain material allows it to be hand-washable with warm water 
  • Flame-retardant, anti-static material allows peace of mind, especially for long-haired breeds 
Color Clear 
  Low Rise Middle Rise
S Approx W300cm × D18cm × H1mm Approx W300cm × D36cm × H1mm
M Approx W400cm × D18cm × H1mm Approx W400cm × D36cm × H1mm
L Approx W570cm × D18cm × H1mm Approx W570cm × D36cm × H1mm
  • PVC
Country of Origin
  • Japan