Oiled Leather Braided Dog Handle


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  • A highly durable and flexible natural oiled rawhide leather dog handle  imported from Holland and  ideal for larger dogs that require greater control
  • Designed with maximum comfort and flexibility in mind and finished with a braided design
  • The leather is single-layered with no stitching to further promote the flexibility of the product
  • Features snap hooks and rings with a premium matte black finish and the 'free stitch' logo allowing a wide variety of coordination with other products


  • Black
Weight Width
  • Rawhide leather
Country of Origin
  • Made in Holland
Points to Notes
  • Please note that this product is made from 100% natural oiled rawhide leather and so may display slight fraying or feathering along the edges when first purchased - this is a result of the cutting process for flexible oiled leather and does not indicate a defect
  • For maximum results, we recommend hand-wiping down the leather before use