Pet Grooming Bath Towel

  • A highly water-absorbent grooming towel
  • The front of the towel has been finished with a velvety smooth feel that prevents pet claws from getting tangled in the fabric
  • The rear of the towel features a long and dense loop pile fabric and is thicker than average towels for maximum water absorption and retention 
  • The towel can also be used for drying after washing pets, or as a blanket
  • The towel’s width allows it to be hung on a general hanger for storage or air-drying after use

  • Beige・Brown・Navy 
  • 38cm×110cm 235g
  • 100% cotton
Country of Origin
  • China
Points to Note
  • When using the towel to wipe down your pet’s body, please use additional towels depending on your pet’s size and coat type