Waterproof Inner Cushion Cover for Square Beds

  • An optional waterproof cushion cover for the free stitch Original Square Bed
  • Made from a knit material, it expands and contracts naturally to fit the bed neatly
  • The high-quality material is flexible, comfortable, and helps your pet get the rest they need 
  • The cover can be used by fitting over the base cushion and then fitting the outer cover over the top to provide waterproofing, making the product ideal for older pets
  • The cover can be washed and used repeatedly and is made from a non-formaldehyde resin formula, so it can be used with peace of mind
  • White

(Width × Height × Depth in cm)

Product Weight
W50cm × H10cm × D33cm
W65cm ×H10cm × D45cm
  • Top Side: polyurethane film
  • Reverse Side: 100% polyester
Country of Origin
  • Japan
Points to Note
  • We recommend hand-washing to maintain longevity
  • When using a washing machine, please wash inside of a net bag
  • Please refrain from washing the product in a tumble dryer
  • Please note that pet claws may make holes in the cover, so we recommend putting another cover over the top of this product for extra protection
  • Please refrain from using this product directly on carpeted floors