Stylish Dog Playpen

  • A stylish and collapsible playpen that can be adjusted to multiple sizes and layouts to fit your dog's needs.
  • The product is collapsible for easy storage and features a double-lock gate for security.
  • Extension and customization options are available (sold separately).

  • Black・White
Product Dimensions 

(Width × Height in mm)

  • 5 x regular fence panel: W670 × H660mm - Weight: 1.9kg

  • 1 x gate panel: W670 × H660mm - Weight: 3.7kg
  • 13.4kg
  • Iron
  • Resin
Country of Origin
  • China
Points to Note
  • The gap between playpen bars is approximately 44-61mm. We ask that customers confirm the playpen size is suitable for their dog prior to purchase as puppies or smaller breeds may be able to slip through the gap. We recommend placing cardboard or free stitch side sheets over the gap 

  • Please see the sticker attached to the lower part of the playpen gate for the product dimensions and safety information

  • The gate section can be opened and closed up to about 90 degrees both out and in. We ask that customers take care of injury when opening and closing the gate

  • Extra panels can be attached to the playpen at various points. However, due to the material characteristics of the product, when assembled into a rectangle, the playpen may not form perfect 90-degree corners.