Stylish Dog Playpen Ceiling Net


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  • A PVC ceiling net designed exclusively for the free stitch Stylish Dog Playpen.
  • The product perfectly complements the simple tones of Stylish Dog Playpen by providing overhead protection and light for your dog while maintaining a chic appearance. 
  • Available in colors that match the body of the playpen itself. 
  • The product is easy-care and can be wiped down or washed.
Color Black・White
Product Dimensions 

(Width × Depth x Height)

  • W128cm  (W131cm) x D64cm x H0.36mm 
  • 400g
  • PVC
Country of Origin
  • Japan
Points to Note
  • Please note that this net is for the free stitch Stylish Dog Playpen only. It does not fit the Multi-purpose Scandinavian series.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Wipe-down or hand washable.