Stylish Dog Circle Wall-mounting Kit

  • A mounting kit used to attach the Stylish Dog Playpen* onto a wall or similar surface.
  • Using the Wall Mounting Kit, three to four Stylish Dog Playpen parts can be connected together for a variety of configurations, room gates, or partitions within a room. (A maximum number of five interconnected panels is advised to maintain product safety and stability).
  • Can be used as replacement parts for previously purchased and /or lost Stylish Dog Playpen mounting parts.

*Stylish Dog Playpen sold separately


  • Black・White
  • 500g
  • Iron (powder coating)
  • Resin
Country of Origin
  • China
Points to Note

  • This product is to be used together with the Stylish Dog Playpen and cannot be used separately.
  • The size and specifications are subject to change. Please check the size and dimensions, etc each time before a replacement or additional kit is purchased.
  • Please read the instruction manual carefully for correct installation guide.
  • The Scandinavian Pet Playpen and the Multi-Purpose Playpen are two unrelated products and are not compatible with this kit.