Toilet Tray

  • A pet toilet tray machine-finished from clear acrylic
  • Made in Japan, the product has been renewed and carefully finished to take advantage of the beauty of the material
  • The transparent material coordinates well with any interior
  • The inner consists of two overlapping L-shaped frames with strong rare earth magnets to hold the toilet sheet firmly in place
  • The bottom of the tray features a non-slip surface, and the body frame is made of a heavy material to prevent toilet sheets from sliding out of place
  • The product can be quickly washed even if soiled, so it can always be clean and ready for use


  • Transparent body & translucent white inner frame
Size Size
  Length Width Height Base Height Product Weight
S 49cm 38cm 1.5cm 5mm



M 64cm 49cm 1.5cm 5mm



L 94cm 64cm 1.4cm 4mm



  • Body: 100% acrylic
  • Inner Border Base: rare earth neodymium magnets
Country of Origin
  • Japan
Points to Notes
  • There may be very faint lines or marks marked on the tapered corners of the toilet tray.