The 2nd Yellow Dog Project Event Report

The second of our Yellow Dog Project events was held on Saturday 11 February 2023 at the free stitch showroom in Harajuku, Tokyo.

We would like to thank all those who applied to take part in the event!

What is the Yellow Dog Project?

The Yellow Dog Project is an initiative that originated in Sweden in 2012 in which yellow ribbons and bandanas are attached to leashes and collars to indicate to others dogs who have special needs.  

At our Yellow Dog Project event, we provide each dog and owner an hour to relax and enjoy our Harajuku showroom before getting an individual consultation from a dog trainer about ways in which we as owners can help make the lives of our ‘yellow dogs’ more comfortable. The dogs who attend can also participate in a photo session if their owner wishes. 

This time, six dogs and their owners came to the showroom and were filmed during the trainer consultation session.

Our regular trainer Mr. Sasaki from the training studio ‘ABOUT DOGS’ gave each owner advice on how best to deal with dogs who fit into the ‘yellow dogs’ category, so if you have a dog with similar issues, please take a look below and use them as a reference.

The dogs who took part in the event were:

  1. Toro (Jack Russell Terrier)

Personality: short-tempered, sad, nervous, scared, but aggressive under certain circumstances


  1. Mark (Japanese Mixed Breed)

Personality: lonely, nervous, timid


  1. Sniff-kun (Chihuahua)

Personality:  scared, but aggressive under certain circumstances


  1. Belle (Shiba x Yorkie)

Personality: scared, but aggressive under certain circumstances


  1. Kaito-kun (Chihuahua) 

Personality: short-tempered, nervous, but aggressive under certain circumstances


  1. Pomelo (Miniature Dachshund)

Personality: generous, sad, timid 



Looking across the different types of personalities, the words ‘scared’, ‘lonely’, ‘nervous’, and ‘short-tempered’ came up a lot. 

What kind of feelings cause dogs to become so frightened, constantly nervous of their surroundings, or aggressive in certain situations, and how can we protect our dogs from having to experience this?  

As the Yellow Dog Project gains more and more awareness within the Japanese pet owner community, we hope to hold these events more regularly.

If you wish to join our event, please contact us via our inquiry form to receive an attendance application form and questionnaire (Japanese only).