The Yellow Dog Project

What is the Yellow Dog Project?

The Yellow Dog Project is an initiative that originated in Sweden in 2012 in which yellow ribbons and bandanas are attached to leashes and collars to indicate to others dogs who have special needs.  

The Yellow Dog Project ribbons display a wide range of different messages, such as ‘Please Give Me Space’, ‘In Training’, ‘In Recovery’, etc; however, in order to create a society where dogs can live in peace alongside people, more and more people need to be aware of the purpose of the yellow ribbons that protect our dogs.

At free stitch, we feel that it is our duty to spread the word about The Yellow Dog Project for the safety and security of all dogs around the world.

We hope that those who wear a yellow ribbon will use it as an organic way to help others recognize, understand, and care for each others’ dogs' needs.

Through our charity activities, meetup events, trainer activities, and Yellow Dog Project activities, free stitch continues to use proceeds to promote dog lifestyle information, exchange information with other owners, and build a stronger dog community in Japan and around the world. 


  • free stitch created our selection of original yellow collars and leads as part of the Yellow Dog Project.

  • We are planning to introduce yellow collars and leashes at free stitch meetup events.

Event Reports

On 23rd November 2022, the 1st Yellow Dog Project information event was held.

  • We will post more details of the event on the free stitch international store news feed and on social media so please check back soon.