A Pet Charity Attended the Dog-friendly Office Project Tour and Information Seminar

Free stitch had the privilege of being visited by a Japan-based NPO called SPA (Society for the Protection of Animals) at our Dog-friendly Office Day at our Jingumae showroom on 7th December 2021.  SPA operates a pet shelter in Ota Ward, Tokyo, and is actively involved in helping the rehoming of protected dogs and cats.

Since a member of staff at SPA is well-acquainted with one of our members here at free stitch, we saw it as the perfect opportunity to collaborate with an organization that can make a difference in the lives of cats and dogs in Japan. By attending our seminar and tour, they were able to offer valuable feedback that we can use to improve our project in the future. 

We were so impressed by the impact that SPA is having on the pet community in Japan that free stitch decided to temporarily adopt an office dog called Kou-kun! 

A member of our staff decided to keep Kou-kun at their home over the 2021 New Year holidays on a trial basis to monitor how he would adapt to a new environment. We are happy to say everything went well and Kou-kun settled into the changes with ease. 

From now we will move Kou-kun to the free stitch office to spend time around our staff during the daytime and prepare him for adoption. 

We hope that Kou-kun will adapt to the environment and will be able to find a wonderful new family in the future. 

In our next post, we will update everyone on the situation with Kou-kun in the free stitch office. 

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