Beware of Malicious Fraudulent Sites

We have recently discovered malicious activity conducted by fraudulent websites selling counterfeit free stitch products, illegally using free stitch images, and using free stitch product descriptions. We have also found some organisations are using our company details on their corporate contact information pages. Please be assured these sites are not connected to, endorsed by, or affiliated with free stitch in any way.   

If you feel uncomfortable or unsure about any company or website selling apparent free stitch products or shopping with companies that are using free stitch corporate information in their profiles, please do not register or enter your personal or payment information with these sites. 

We have identified the characteristics of fraudulent and counterfeit sites as follows:

  • The price offered by such sites is significantly lower than free stitch official pricing
  • The website offers products that are sold out on other online stores
  • The types of products sold are not consistent, such as food, clothing, home appliances, etc being sold at arbitrary times in varying stock volumes
  • The payment method offered is by bank transfer only. In some cases, the website claims to offer a selection of payment methods, such as credit card payments, however the final payment option leads customers to bank transfer only due to a purported glitch in the system, etc
  • The account name to which bank transfer payment is to be made is not affiliated with free stitch in any way and, in some cases, is the name of a private individual
  • When searching for the company name, phone number or address online, unrelated company information or fictitious information appears in the search results

The main business purpose of such fraudulent sites is to encourage customers to pay for goods in advance only to withhold the goods or send counterfeit products and retain your personal, account or credit card information for nefarious purposes. 

If you have been a victim of fraudulent activity, please consult with the local police department that has jurisdiction in your area or country of residence. We also recommend contacting your bank or credit card company immediately if you suspect fraudulent activity during or after your purchase

Please note that free stitch cannot be held responsible for any activity or issues that may occur between customers and fraudulent companies or websites