The Anti-Odor Collar and Lead Collection

Smells and other odors are part of life when owning a dog. Some owners may not be concerned about pet smells but with the increase in indoor accessibility and the number of venues open to pets, keeping your dog feeling fresh and confident in new environments has grown in importance in recent years. Moreover, many owners have got into the routine of regularly washing and deodorizing their pet products in order to increase longevity and to maintain peak performance.  

free stitch has carefully considered how to help you and your pet feel fresh and confident all day long, so we came up with the Anti-odor Comfort range of collars and leads to help to live your life together in comfort, especially during the summer months.

The Anti-odor Comfort range from free stitch uses special deodorant threads woven into the cushioned tape material of the collars and leads that prevent odors from latching onto the product. Odors from the environment and from the natural oils present in your dog's coat tend to attach to collars and leads easily, and it is these smells that permeate the air quickly leading to strong surrounding smells. The fibers effectively neutralize these odors helping the both products and your dog stay and feel clean for longer.  

In addition to the anti-odor technology, our new selection features a striped tape design in a variety of natural shades allowing coordination with other fashions and products. We also added a reflective weave into the tape to enhance nighttime visibility and provide further safety for your dog. 

As the product is naturally cushioned, it prevents strain on both the dog’s neck and the owner’s wrist, so it is ideal for younger dogs who may be more prone to pulling on a lead during training.


The Anti-odor Comfort range includes collars, leads, and multi-purpose leads in black, brown, khaki, and yellow and are available on the free stitch international store now.