Cotton Double-face Bathrobe

Taking a bath is not always the most enjoyable activity for a dog, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a totally unpleasant experience. Once bath time is over, your dog can enjoy drying off in style with the Cotton Double-face Bathrobe from free stitch. 

Designed with your dog’s health and comfort in mind, the bathrobe features a terry cloth pile inner and a finely sheared velveteen finished outer layer that prevents claws and teeth from getting caught on the material. The inner layer boasts excellent water-absorbency and can help your dog relax while they dry off.

The bathrobe has a foldable collar, chest, and belly velcro strap enabling it to sit snugly on your dog so it doesn’t fall off making it ideal for quickly putting on after a walk in the rain or swimming. The product also has surprising versatility and can be used in the colder winter months to keep your dog warm and toasty. 

We recommend hand-washing the bathrobe to keep it in the best possible condition, however, it is also possible to machine wash the product. 

The free stitch Cotton Double-face Bathrobe is available in beige, brown, and navy and in sizes S to 7L on our international store now.