Boa Fleece Jacket

Introducing the Boa Fleece Jacket! 

At free stitch here in Tokyo Japan, we know how cold it can get in the winter season. Sometimes we experience winters so cold, it can be difficult to go outside and enjoy a leisurely stroll together with our dogs. So we came up with an exciting and stylish range of winter wear to keep your best friend cosy and warm on your walks. 

One of our favorite products that we are proud to introduce this season is the Boa Fleece Jacket made from synthetic fleece.

This item has a high-necked velcro chest and our dogs (and we) just loved how easy it is to put this item on before going out --especially for those dogs who can't wait to go and play outside! The fabric is washable and can also be worn indoors keeping your dog comfortable all day long. 

The Boa Fleece Jacket is available in six sizes, two colors and is available on our international store now.