Dog Friendly Office Project

At free stitch we are continuously looking for ways to develop and improve our pet products and service. Our company slogan is ‘enriching your life with your dog!'

Most of the staff at free stitch live with pets and they are continuously looking to create opportunities to make the most of their time with their pets -  so we came up with and launched the ‘Dog Friendly Office Project’ campaign in September 2019. 

The core concept of the ‘Dog Friendly Office Project’ is ‘enriching the workplace together with your dog’ and aims to promote a friendly and communicative work environment for staff and our customers who work while taking care of their dogs. We also hope that this will in-turn improve the overall quality of working life for everyone.   

Based on the results from research conducted not only in the pet industry but also in other industries, we found ways, created products and offered services to encourage offices to create a pet-friendly environment at work.

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