Dog-Friendly Office Site Report at Frontier Grand Nishi-Shinjuku

free stitch was recently given a great opportunity to visit an office where employees can go to work with their pets. This time we visited Frontier Grand Nishi-Shinjuku in Shinjuku city, Tokyo.

Frontier Grand Nishi-Shinjuku is a high-grade setup office with a stylish, high-class interior and facilities that have been designed to work in harmony with the natural surroundings of the city center. Some floors have pet-friendly offices with floor plans that offer maximum consideration for working with pets. The building is designed throughout to make it easy for people to come to work with their pets.

One of our staff members was invited to look around the office with her labrador retriever Milo (Labrador Retriever). Please see the video below for a guide around the office interior.


On the day, we were very fortunate to be able to interview the owner of Frontier Grand Nishi-Shinjuku, Mr. Matsuda from LaSalle Real Estate Investment Management Ltd. about their commitment to the Dog-Friendly Office Project.

Q. Why did you decide to create a pet-friendly floor?
A. We thought that in realizing the concept of our building, 'Pursuit of Well-Being', the mental and physical health of the employees who work in the building would need to be taken into account to meet this idea. In this respect, we imagined that there might be a considerable number of people living with pets who may feel apprehensive about having to leave them at home while they go to the office, so we decided to set up a pet-friendly floor.

Q. What systems have been introduced for employees and their pets at Frontier Grand Shinjuku?
A. Pets must be carried into the building or ride in carts from the main entrance, however they are allowed to pass through the bicycle parking area and the service entrance when on a lead. The pet-friendly floor can also be accessed via stairs from the service entrance and the bicycle parking area. We have three elevators, one of which is permitted for pets to travel with their owner. The pet-friendly elevator is also connected to the underground car park (B2-B3), giving tenants direct access from the car park to the pet-friendly floor. In addition, our building rules stipulate that pets need to be carried or travel in a cart (provided by the building) when riding in the elevator.

Q. What kind of company or pet owner would you like to have in the building?
A. Pets are considered to be part of the family, so we believe that it is natural for owners to want to spend time with them. We welcome those who want to be with their pets at work.

In addition to the pet-friendly floor, the office also has a workout area and a golf studio for spending time outside of working hours.

We would like to thank Frontier Grand Nishi-Shinjuku for their time and cooperation in this interview.

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