Report on The Dog Friendly Office Tour and Trial Session 2023

On 27th August 2023, free stitch held our Dog-Friendly Office Tour and Trial Session at our office and showroom in Harajuku

We had a variety of participants join us on the day, including people who are thinking about working alongside their pets at their own offices, introducing the project concept to their place of work, and students who are hoping to work for a company that allows pets to commute to the office with staff.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was able to attend. 

Free stitch had the pleasure of being joined by Ms. Shishido from ‘Dog Training FifyMimy’ who very kindly agreed to do a competency check for each dog who came to the event. Owners were able to see a slightly different side of their dogs during the test and learned that there are many more training points to take into consideration before taking pets to the office. 

Please see our video of the day’s events below: 


We are planning to hold more events as part of spreading awareness about the Dog-friendly Office Project in the future so please check back for further updates.

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