Have You Ever Used a Pet Camera?

Hi everyone.

It is continuing to get hotter and hotter here in Japan, so many people who have a dog or cat at home are leaving the air conditioning on for them while they are out. However, while we are out, there is always the worry that air conditioning might break down or the temperature might not be comfortable enough for our pets to relax. To alleviate these worries, many owners have started using a pet camera to monitor their dog or cat, check the room temperature using a built-in thermostat, and even dispense snacks using the more advanced camera models. 

As we previously mentioned in our posts, the free stitch Dog-Friendly Office Project is conducting customer surveys to research ways to reduce the stress of leaving pets at home alone.

Click below to see the results of past surveys:

In the surveys, we asked what measures are taken by the public to reduce pet stress when left at home, and some respondents answered that they use pet cameras.

From this result, we decided to look into different types of pet cameras that are popular with working owners, and we also had a chance to interview a few pet camera manufacturers. We also asked the companies what their staff thought when they used the cameras themselves.

In our next post, we will introduce the background behind developing each company's pet camera, customer feedback, recommended uses, and more. Please keep an eye out for the next post. 

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