Dog-friendly Office Project Roundup

What is the Dog-Friendly Office Project?

free stitch aims to promote a healthier work environment with dogs. We believe that by creating a more comfortable office environment for staff who have pets, we can improve the quality of work-life balance for our employees while simultaneously improving the overall quality-of-life for our animal companions.

By working together with specialists in both the pet industry and various influential business fields, we are striving to create a place where people feel happy to bring their pets to work. We are also continuously looking for ways to introduce services and products that will help make pet office life more comfortable. 

Here is a roundup of some of our activities so far.  

Starting a Dog-friendly Office System

We are looking for companies that are interested in setting up a Dog-friendly Office.

Dog-friendly Office Project Activities Overview

  • Dog-friendly Office Staff Guidelines
  • Dog-friendly Office Day
  • Staff Dog Training

  • free stitch Dog-Friendly Office Day

    We at free stitch have designated every Wednesday as the Dog-friendly Office Day in order to promote communication between employees and our dogs.

    The Dog-friendly Office System at free stitch

  • Creating a Convenient Dog-friendly Office
  • Creating a Comfortable Dog-friendly Office for All
  • free stitch Dog-friendly Office Staff Survey Report

  • ▼Charity Support

    Under the Dog-friendly Office scheme, we also provide temporary care for shelter dogs through the Japanese non-profit organisation known as SPA.

  • Ko-kun’s Temporary Custody Report

  • ▼Event Report

  • Report on the Dog-friendly Office Project Tour & Information Session held on 7th December 2021

  • Media Coverage

    Through our continued development of this ever-popular system, we hope we can bring more companies on board in adopting a positive dog-friendly office culture.  

    For more information, check out the Dog-Friendly Office Project SNS!