Toilet Tray

Having a strong and reliable toilet tray in the home is essential when owning a dog. From a puppy getting used to a new home to older dogs who might not have the chance to go out so often, toilet trays are an indispensable part of a dog-owners toolset. 

The new free stitch Toilet Tray features a complete redesign from our previous model. Sporting a sophisticated and high-aesthetic machined finish with beautifully tapered corners and a premium weighted feel,  it can blend in seamlessly with any interior ranging from the ultra-modern to the warm and rustic.   

Comprised of two interlocking L-shaped pieces, the inner frame comes equipped with powerful rare earth neodymium magnets to pin down toilet sheets firmly so they will not slip out of place.

In addition to the above features, the toilet tray has four low-profile silicon feet that help the tray to sit snugly in place and the added weight of the product ensures that it will stay put even against hard use by the most energetic dogs.  


The free stitch toilet tray is available on our international store now. 

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