free stitch was Visited by Japanese Dog Lifestyle Association 'Odekake Wanko Club'

The Odekake Wanko Club recently visited free stitch to interview us about the free stitch Dog-Friendly Office Project.

The Odekake Wanko Club is a Japan-based dog association that provides information on outings and events for dog owners, as well as giving pet lifestyle tips.

Most of our staff dogs were at the office on the day of the interview and they seemed happy to be fussed over by the interviewer. 

The full article published on the Odekake Wanko Club website details the Dog-Friendly Office Project and how it can be of benefit to the work-life balance of employees around Japan. (Please note that the article is currently only available in Japanese but can be read with the aid of an online translator). 

We asked Ms. Tagou of Odekake Doggy Club about her impressions of the free stitch Dog-Friendly Office project after seeing it in action:

Q: Did you notice anything that made you feel relaxed when you visited the Dog-Friendly Office?

A: I felt that the presence of pets in the workplace helped to create a relaxed atmosphere and facilitated communication between employees and visitors alike. I did wonder if some dogs were able to have a rest properly as there were many other dogs walking around the office freely that might have disturbed them. 

As mentioned in the article, at free stitch we try to find out what kind of place is suitable for each dog to relax and feel comfortable - this largely depends on each dog’s level of training and overall personality. As an example, some dogs prefer to spend their time in a closed-off place like a playpen or carry bag where they are not so easily disturbed by their surroundings.

Q: Do you have any plans to eventually start a Dog-Friendly Office?

A: I live with my pomeranian and we are at home together during the day. Most of the staff members of the Odekake Wanko Club have dogs, and although they basically work from home, I was thinking that it would be nice to have an office where we could bring our dogs to work together a few times a month.

Q: Are there any concerns about the introduction of a Dog-Friendly Office system in the workplace?

A: When looking for a place to open an office, many locations still do not allow pets in Japan, so I am concerned that the number of suitable office locations will be quite limited. We are also concerned about transportation issues. Even if the company allows bringing pets to work, I feel that there may be some issues transporting them on the train or public transport.

Q: How do you think the Dog-Friendly Office can be expanded to other companies?

A: I think it is acceptable to some extent if the business is related to the pet industry. However; I think it is still difficult for other types of businesses to accept the system, so I hope that the awareness of the Dog-Friendly Office will gradually spread among those who are involved with dogs and cats, and by communicating the advantages of Dog-Friendly Office to other industries.

Through the Dog-Friendly Office Project, free stitch would like to support companies like the Odekake Wanko Club who wish to introduce the system into their place of work. 

free stitch would like to express our thanks to Ms. Tagou of Odekake Wanko Club for taking the time to visit and talk to us at our Jingumae showroom. 

The Dog-Friendly Office Project is always open for interviews, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested in finding out more.

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