The Ramie-linen Bed Series

Introducing the all-new Ramie-linen Bed series from free stitch.

Our new bed series comes in both plain square and round with detachable inner cushion. Available in a calm and natural beige tone, these two beds are ideal for use in warmer weather due to the airy characteristics of the materials. 

The Flanders linen fibers of the bedcover textile have been blended with high-quality ramie fibers from Asia. Ramie fabric has been used in the Asia region for many years. It is an extremely breathable fabric and is commonly used in clothing due to being an ideal textile for summer wear. Along with the fabric’s excellent high water absorbency and quick-drying properties, the fine ramie-linen blend gives the material a lustrous sheen and adding a premium finish to the product.   

The plush inner cushion of the round bed can be removed and the cover can be stuffed with the owner’s clothes or towels for dog’s who feel comfortable sleeping with the scent of their owner - great for dogs who sleep on a different floor, in a different room, or get lonely easily. 

The Ramie-linen Square Bed and Ramie-linen Round Bed are available on the free stitch international store now.