Dog-friendly Office Project Staff Survey Report 1

At free stitch, the Dog-friendly Office Project team has designated May 12th every year as the ‘Dog-friendly Office Day’.

The Dog-friendly Office Day gives us the opportunity to train and educate our staff about the precautions and rules for bringing their pets to work, and for us to review if the project is in keeping with our mantra to create a ‘richer workplace with your dog’. On the day, we conduct a survey within our team to find out more about how each person feels the project has progressed so far.

Here is one of the pieces of feedback that we received from the survey: 

Q: Do you feel that coming to the office with your pet interferes with your work?

A:  Basically, we have our pets wear manner belts and sanitary pants to avoid any ‘accidents’, but there are times when the owner is away from their desk and other members of staff have to pick up and dispose of poop. Some people who are not in the habit of picking up pet mess might feel a little grossed out by this, so we would like you to make it easier for people who don't own dogs or pets to understand how to clean up, change pet diapers, etc. 

In the Dog-friendly Office agreement and guidelines, we established rules for pet-owning staff to have their pets wear a manner belt or sanitary pants when in the office, and to put their pet in a bag or playpen when they are away from their desk; however, there are times when their pets naturally cannot wait and sometimes poop in the office. 

Some staff members who do not own pets are not used to dealing with such situations, so they may a little put out by picking up and disposing of the offending item. 

Therefore, in addition to the consent form, we have shared with all staff members (including those who do not bring pets) detailed rules on how to dispose of poop in the office, for example, stools should be flushed down the toilet and used bags should be put in the trash. Food waste should be put in a special trash can (with a lid), etc.

As part of building on mutual understanding and growth of the Dog-friendly Office Project, we will continue to ask questions to our team and clear up any outstanding issues.

Stay tuned for more feedback from our team! 

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