Dog Friendly Office Project: How to Make a Comfortable Dog Friendly Office

In the spirit of ‘Enriching the Workplace with Your Dog" at free stitch, we started the ‘Dog Friendly Office Project’ in September 2019. 

At free stitch, we are continuously working towards creating a better working environment for staff and their pets. We hope that through the growing popularity of the ‘Dog-Friendly Office Project’ we are helping to improve the quality of life for pets in Japan and around the world. 

To further promote accessibility for pets into the workplace at free stitch, we made some small adjustments to the office environment. In this post, we would like to introduce one of the changes we have made. 

Installation of an Equipment Storage Bag or Pouch 

It is important to make pet care consumables easily and readily available for general use in a convenient location so that we can respond quickly if needed or if an incident occurs. In our office, we have prepared toilet sheets, cleaning wipes and cloths, disinfectant sprays and waste bags for everyone to use so that we can continue to keep the office clean and pleasant. 

We ask that our staff bring their own pet-specific consumables such as food, collars and leads so that their pet is comfortable with things they know.    

We do keep a range of our own in-house treats available at all times for pets to enjoy, however we always check with the owner first in case of any history of allergic reactions.

We have also established a set of guidelines that detail what steps can be taken to prepare the workplace for being more pet friendly.  

We are always looking forward to receiving thoughts and opinions on the Dog-friendly Office Project so if you are interested in sharing your ideas, please feel free to complete the questionnaire (Japanese only). 

For more information on the dog friendly office project, please click here.

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