The free stitch Treats Pouch Range

Rewarding your dog is an essential part of the training process. Rewards can come in the form of praise, a belly rub or even treating your dog to their favourite snack. Sometimes getting that snack or treat from the bottom of your bag or having to carry them around with you in your dog’s line of sight can be counterproductive to the training process. Recently treats pouches have become an all-important way to carrying around training treats in a stress-free way, so we are introducing the
Treats Pouch range from free stitch.   

At free stitch, we focus on simplicity with high-quality materials, and our treats pouches are no exception. Available in three types: cotton, tarpaulin and balcordy ballistic nylon - each style can fit your evolving training needs whether it be comfort, waterproofing or durability.

Each treats pouch can be attached to a belt using a clip for quick removal or can be looped through the belt itself for a more secure fit. The top is closed with a handy toggled drawstring making sure the contents are kept safe from spilling out. 

Keep your dog focused and rewarded through their training with the free stitch Treats Pouch selection. 

Available on the free stitch International Store now.