Creating a Comfortable Dog-friendly Office for All

free stitch specializes in developing and creating products that meet our mission of ‘enriching people’s lives with dogs’, and to meet that mission we are always on the lookout for ways to help improve the lives of pets around the world. 

Most of the team at free stitch are pet owners and are always giving input on how to develop our ever-popular Dog-friendly Office Project. However, we have also reached out to other pet owners in Japan and around the world via various questionnaires and have gathered feedback on how to adapt the project to the many different pet situations and needs. 

We have also invited and interviewed charities, notably the previously mentioned charity NPO group SPA, businesses, dog trainers, and pet owners to our Dog-friendly Office Project Tour and Information Seminar last held on 7th December 2021. 

While promoting the benefits of the Dog-friendly Office Project may be beneficial to many, we must also consider those who may not have much experience around dogs or animals in general, may not be comfortable around dogs, or those who may have had negative experiences with animals. Incorporating such a system may prove to be stressful for those who fall into the aforementioned categories and therefore the term ‘Dog-friendly’ would be inappropriate if it did not take into consideration the feelings of people as well as pets. 

As a result of this and to respect those who may not be comfortable with the idea of animals in the office, we have prepared a questionnaire to help gather more information about people’s feelings towards animals. We hope to put the feedback from this survey to good use in further enhancing the project and allowing people as well as animals to enjoy a positive experience in the workplace. 

Please access the questionnaire here.* 

*At present, our questionnaire is only available in Japanese so we kindly request our readers use an online browser translator. We welcome answers to the questionnaire in English. 

We look forward to receiving your valuable feedback! 

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